After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, I co-founded NINAYI年衣, a groundbreaking neo-Chinese kids' fashion brand, alongside two partners. During my time as a freelance illustrator in New York City, I pursued my lifelong dream of establishing a fashion brand, a passion that took root in my childhood. I vividly recall creating comic strips centered around stories set in an imaginary fashion company.

My love for every facet of fashion collection development runs deep – from the initial concept brainstorming and textile illustration to clothing design, lookbook photography, runway showcases, and online store design. Embracing this creative journey, I find myself continually inspired, often welcoming new ideas before the current designs are fully realized, a sentiment echoed by my partners and all the workers in Nianyi. At Nianyi, we're dedicated to more than just creating children's clothing.

Nianyi has ascended to become the premier brand, adored by countless Chinese families and now spreading joy worldwide. Our mission is to infuse the splendid beauty of art, the wonder of nature, and the essence of Chinese fashion tradition into modern lifestyles. Our success has led to collaborations with international brands, invitations to co-create products, and an esteemed exhibition at Milan Design Week in 2023

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